Feb 27, 2023
2 min

Wizards to surfboards: why we rebranded

We're ditching our old name. Introducing SensorSurf!

Wizards to surfboards: why we rebranded

We're stoked to launch our rebrand from Woeden to SensorSurf, and we wanted to give a brief rundown of what prompted the name change.

It goes back to last autumn when the company was founded. We originally set out to be the "Balena for robotics" rather than a data infrastructure platform. We wanted a system that made it easy to install and deploy new ROS nodes to an entire fleet of robots, but we quickly realized this wouldn't solve many problems for robotics engineers. CI/CD is not a major pain point.

During that brief stint, we thought it made sense to describe our software as something omnipotent that oversaw fleets of robots. Our founder, Alec, with his interest in history immediately gravitated towards names of Germanic gods, where he ultimately landed on the name Woden. The name was modified to Woeden so we could snag a .com TLD.

It didn't take long to realize that this name wouldn't scale. Between numerous mispronunciations and auto-correct butchering the name, we decided it was time for a change that reflected the new direction of the company.

Fast forward to today: we're rebranding as SensorSurf. We are on a journey to make surfacing valuable insights from your robotics data as easy as surfing the web.

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